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Oborri announces summer 2018 concert dates

Alfabeti ecën vetë, 2016

Oborri have announced the dates of the concerts which they will perform in summer 2018. Five performances will take place in different cities in Albania and Kosovo.

21 July: Za Festival // Theth - Albania

23 July: Destil Hostel // Tirana - Albania

25 July: Termokiss // Prishtina - Kosova

26 July: Parku "Ali Podrimja" // Gjakovë - Kosova

28 July: Kino Lumbardhi // Prizren - Kosova

Their summer tour will start in the majestic nature of Theth, near Shkodër in Albania. There, they will perform alongside other great acts including Andrra, Linda Rukaj and Hasa Mazzotta. 


Oborri then continues its journey further south in Albania to perform in the capital, Tirana, in Destil Hostel - a space which has been gaining a reputation for hosting concerts of different bands from all over the world. On 25th of July, Oborri perform in their hometown of Prishtina, in the revitalized space of Termokiss community centre.

They perform for the first time in Gjakova on 26th of July, in the cultural park "Ali Podrimja", while they end their summer tour in a promising night in Kino Lumbardhi in Prizren, sharing the stage with Blla Blla Blla and Sytë.

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