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Oborri is the self-titled debut album of Tomor and Arbër. Recorded at "SHYT", the studio which the boys share with their older brothers Visar and Genc, it brings to life a two-year process of sonic, structural and emotional exploration. 

At 54 minutes-long, it consists of 14 songs written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered largely by the duo themselves, which voyage through countless genres and influences, including alternative rock, new-wave, hip-hop, folk, reggae, psychedelic rock, electronica etc.

The songs, all sung in Albanian language, depict a colorful yet introverted universe of the two boys, bringing to life musical structures rich in harmony, lyrics and sound.

The album was released in Kosovo on August 30th, 2017 on clothespin shaped USB-sticks, and later digitally worldwide.

Picture: Rozafa Maliqi
You can download full album lyrics
and credits here:

Album cover picture: Majlinda Hoxha

Set design: Artinë Sopa

Album design: Granit Havolli

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