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The film "Me dasht', me dasht', me dasht' (to want, to need, to love)" has won the audience award in Dokufest, one of the biggest film festivals in the Balkans. Directed by Ilir Hasanaj, the feature-length documentary has the origininal music scored by Arbër Salihu and Tomor Kuçi, with the sound designed also by Tomor Kuçi. 


The movie documents the art-project "Baushtellë: Balkan Temple", which took place during the summer of 2015. Arbër was a co-project leader of the project, while Tomor composed music for the performances which took place in Prishtina, Belgrade and Zurich. "Me dasht'..." gives an intimate insight into the relationship between Arbër and singer-songwriter Edona Vatoci.

"Me dasht', me dasht', me dasht'" wins audience award at Dokufest.

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