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Oborri has successfully concluded their first tour which saw them promote the debut album released in August 2017. Traveling through four countries, Oborri performed their original songs as well as carefully selected and reworked cover songs from various artists.


The tour started in KC Lab, in Novi Sad, Serbia, a community house which brought together an excited crowd to hear for one the first times a band from Kosovo singing in Albanian language.

The tour travelled to Skopje, Macedonia to perform in Libraria e Çarshisë, before arriving in Tirana, Albania. There, Oborri performed at "Piramida" before 500+ people, together with Jericho (RKS) and the Humanimal (AL). 

The tour concluded back home with two performances in Prishtina, Kosovo - the first in Hamam Jazz Bar as a part of No Recess, and the final gig taking place in "Dit' e Nat', a fitting end to the tour in the place where some of Oborri members made their first steps of live performing.

Oborri concludes "Gjuj me dritë: Balkan tour"

I vjeshtun, 2017
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