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Picture: Jetmir Idrizi
Oh more djali i nonës, 2017

Oborri is a duo/band formed in 2014 in Prishtina, Kosova, consisting of Arbër Salihu and Tomor Kuçi. After being active for more than 8 years in the Prishtina music scene, the duo released their debut self-titled album "Oborri" in 2017.

Arbër started performing in Prishtina with the cover-band "Hurmët", and has been engaged in various musical projects, such as the collective which introduced capoeira music and tradition in Kosovo, "Kosoveira". He has also been part of some of the most memorable cultural projects of Kosovo in recent years such as "Baushtellë: Balkan Temple" and "Termokiss". 

Tomor was the frontman and multi-instrumentalist of the band “The Freelancers”, with whom he performed in various globally renowned festivals and venues such as: Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary; Melkweg Theatre in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Exit Music Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. The band released their album “N’Kuti” (In the Box) in 2012, when Tomor was only 19 years old.

Both Salihu and Kuçi were part of the live band of Genc Salihu, and were an integral part of the short-lived reunion of the iconic band from Pristina “Cute Babulja”. Together with Genc Salihu, they won the award for “Best Original Score” in Sapporo Short Film Festival in Japan for their original music composed for the film “The Canaries Know” (2014). Another project which they worked for is the feature-film "To want, to need, to love" by Ilir Hasanaj, in which they composed the soundtrack and worked on the film's sound-design.

The duo started working on their first song together, "Tash njejtë pi ujë" in September 2014, which they released in early 2015. Since then, they have released three more singles: "Karrigat", "Alfabeti ecën vetë" and "Gjuj me dritë". Joined by the keyboard player Liburn Jupolli and drummer Vedat Hasani for live performances, they have performed around the Balkans as well as in most of the festivals in Kosovo.

Liburn Jupolli is a pianist, composer and inventor working with theater, animation, fine arts and games, with a passion for bettering education through research in music, tech and cognitive science. Founder of KSMT - Kosovo Society of Music and Technology, he is currently studying at CRI - Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire in Paris in a Master level. Working with different bands since 2008, he is currently active with Me T'Njofshëm a.k.a. MTNj which in 2016 released the Arc project containing 20 albums with 188 songs in 9 different languages and several musical styles.

Vedat Hasani is a drummer from Mitrovica, Kosovo, working with various bands including "the Freelancers", "Zig-zag Orchestra" etc.

The self-titled debut album "Oborri", written, produced and largely performed by Kuçi and Salihu was released on August 30th 2017.  

Salihu and Kuçi also serve as producers for the young and promising artist Edona Vatoci, and Tomor has worked as a mixing-engeneer for another local-band, "BiCalko".

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